Stupidity + Skandalites

10 Nov 2018 Stockholm, Sverige


Time : Doors open at 7 PM
Venue : Brother Tuck
Address : Götgatan 85
Zip : 11662
Phone : +4686438898
Contact Website :

Old friends Stupidity and Skandalites is coming together for the first time. Even though we´ve known each other “forever” we haven´t managed to do something together..Until now.

Stupidity takes a little break from recording new album that will be released 2019 , and will at this gig present new single from upcoming album. Imagine that, folks..

In 2006, Bödeln and Dr Painkilla´ decided to put a band together that will be THE backbeat band impossible not to dance to.
That band decided to name themselves “Skandalites” and produces a SKA-sound very much their own.

Band´s recipy is all forms of back beat from traditional Jamaica Ska, to uniqe stuff like ska-versions of death metal and german electro.. So hold on. This night will surely blow your ears of and make to dance like a maniac.

So.. Forget all other plans for November 10 and join us for a night to remember..

Wanna visit Skandalites website..?? Ok.. Click HERE.


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