Stupidity + Muck & The Mires

06 Sep 2017 Stockholm, Sverige


Time : First band on stage 8 PM
Venue : PSB
Address : Skånegatan 80
Zip : 11637
Phone : +4686438225

What..?! Time again for a gig..??!!

Sooo right.

This time our friends from Boston, Muck & The Mires visits Stockholm on their European tour, and together we will destroy our local club PSB with a Wednesday evening of total energy rock n roll.. Sure.. It´s a weekday, but what the hell. We can all stand a frosty night and work the day after. After all.. We are all rockers. Right?!

DJ´s will be the unfamous Men In White Suits who will do whatever they do while the bands are not playing.

Price to get in will be 120 SEK and includes one glass of beer, wine or non alcoholic beverage.

Looking forward to see you all there.

Never stop Rawking..

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