Suffering from Thursday night boredom..??

Time for some rock n roll, then, don´t you think?
So we have visitors from abroad again. This time The Paul Collins Beat from New York.
Yeah..You all know the great Paul Collins from bands like The Beat and The Nerves and all the great songs he wrote over the years. Remember “Rock n roll girl” and “Hanging on the telephone” (and Blondie did that one too) just to mention two.

We know a Thursday night in February can be boring, cold and dark..But then..Then it is time to get your blood pumping again. After all..Spring is coming soon.

So.. Be there and be really square for a good night of rock and power pop.

See ya on Melodybox

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Rawk on..


Yes. In December we start recording what will be our fifth full length album to be released autumn 2018.

All of us have been writing new stuff for a long time, both together and separately, and we have lots to chose between.. So decitions decitions decitions.. Hmm. Well.. All we can say for the moment is that we have a good feeling about all new songs, so…

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Selected songs from ten years of recording

Includes bonus track “OK” selected by Little Steven´s Underground Garage as
“The Coolest Song In The World” on May 30

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Read the interview with P A at the great Garagerocktopia site. This site is a must read for all fans of great rock n roll.. And is, as they say.. ;
“The place where rock n roll LIVES”:
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