So it´s time for an American Quickie..!!

We decided it was time to go to The States again. It´s been a while, and we have missed our friends and fans over there for much too long, so what else can we do

This time we are only over for a week and do five gigs.. But so it is. But then.. The gigs are really great, and we share bills with many old friends like The Split Squad, Palmyra Delran, The Woggles, Andrea Gillis Band and Muck & The Mires, so there are no excuses.. Just be there all of you.. Cause together we cannot stop rawking your sock off.. And we know you like that as much as we do, so..

Info about the gigs can be found at our show page. To go there, just click HERE

Rawk On..

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“The place where rock n roll LIVES”:
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