So.. Recording again

Sorry for kept you in the dark for a while, but now it is time to reveal the latest news.
Right now we are recording two new songs together with Patricio Cabezas in Studio Koyo here in Stockholm. These new songs, “Bad Luck” and “OK”, will be released early this autumn, and will be very much back to basics high energy rawk, just the way we like it.
But hold on.. This is more.. Later this autumn, we are releasing a compilation
“Ten Years of Stupidity”, and after that, another single early 2017.
To give you even more.. We do plan a new full length album for release during next year.. So as you can see, we are not asleep.

Rawk On

Time for some US of A

It´s been a while since we were over the last time, so we thought it was time for an “American Quickie”. So on March 17, we fly over to Boston and from there we continue to New York, Harrisburg and Philadelphia before going back home.
Part from gigs, we will also do some radio shows here and there, and to know more about those so you can tune in and listen, please check our Facebook were we will put up the radio show info.

Check our Shows page for gig info

Doing it live in Stockholm and Malmö
with special guests from London
Duncan Reid and The Big Heads

Duncan “Kid” Reid (former bassplayer of The Boys) brings his band The Big Heads over from London to join forces with Stupidity in Stockholm and Malmö

Show details here

See you there


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